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Karate Katas


The five basic weapons are the bo, sai, tonfa, nunchaku, and kama.  The nunchaku and kama are reserved for the black belt level.  In addition to the five basic weapons, advanced black belt students can learn additional weapons that include the eaku, nunti, bonunti, tekko, and other advanced weapons.



The bo's history comes from the tenbin.  The tenbin or staff was used by farmers to carry buckets across their shoulders.  The buckets were used to carry everything from food and water to everyday supplies.  When an altercation would come up, the tenbin could be used as a weapon.  Today's bo is typically 6 feet long and about an inch thick at the center.


It is believed that the sai was developed strictly as a weapon.  A typical sai is about 18 inches long.


The tunfa is a handle used to turn a milling stone.  The tunfa could easily be pulled out and used as a weapon.  Today, law enforcement use a weapon similar to the tunfa, a baton.


It is believed that the nunchaku has it's origins as a horse bridle.  Another school of though is that it has it's origins as farming tool used to pound grain.  Unlike it's predecessor, instead of horse hair, today's nunchaku is tied together by rope or chain.  This weapon is used by striking, hitting, blocking, and tying up a person.


As a weapon, the kama is considered to be very deadly.  As a farming tool, the kama is used to cut crops.


The eaku is a boat oar.  It was used a paddle and a tiller.  The eaku is similar to the bo.  But the eaku has a blade that can be used to thrust or swing and cut into a person.  The eaku can also scoop and throw sand into an opponent's eyes.


A police night stick is similar to a tanbo.


The nunti bo is a manji sai attached to a bo.  Some believe that this has it's origins to a fisherman's spear and gaff.

Nunti & Manji

This is a modified version of the sai.

Tekko or Tetsuko

The tekko has it's origins as a pair of horse stirrups.  It is used like brass knuckles.

Timbe Rochin

The tinbe is used as a shield and spear.  Turtle shells were also used as tinbe.  The tortoise shell are native to Okinawa.














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